Moveable Glass

INFIWIN movable wall system are ideal for dividing parting the large spaces. The panels are very smooth on rolling from one end to the another end. In no time a large area can be divided in multi portions on pre-installed rolling tracks and vis a versa. We use unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) with no added plasticizers profiles – for stronger, longer lasting, more UV resistant, water resistance, Termite Resistance, Corrosion Resistance and aging. They are very easy to maintain and made out of environment friendly recyclable material.

Providing high-performance toilet partitions that meet or exceed specifications, require little maintenance, withstand the rigors of some very difficult environments, and provide a lifetime of low-cost of ownership. The Aluminum Framing & Sliding Doors are aesthetically pleasing with the ability to adapt to any finished opening, drywall or moveable. Aluminum frames come in 5 different widths, ready to be installed with hinges and strike plates.